Have you ever felt like something was missing in your life? You have a good job, house, car –all those material things that society says should make you happy. You still feel empty and wonder – What is my purpose in life? Many people struggle with these questions. Marlene M. Bryan utilizes the Diamond as a metaphor to demonstrate how you can begin the journey to discover your purpose. In this book, she shares her stories of mentors and coaches that contributed to her discovery of her purpose. Marlene also provides several exercises to find the right mentors and coaches in your life. Then you can realize your reason for being and to Live a Diamond Life, a Life of Purpose.

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Our Family Garden, A Book of Poetry came from Beryl’s and Marlene’s love of poetry. Though their lives are separated by years, they share a common bond in the love of words. The book is organized in five categories: Love Enters, Love Departs, Family Love, Faith Love and Bonus Odes.

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