Business man holding Fearless on blurred abstract background
Business man holding Fearless on blurred abstract background

You rarely find winners lacking confidence. Look at the average person with confidence and you will see that often he/she wins and is surrounded by people that want to be around him/her. To win in sales you have to be confident in:

  1. Yourself
  2. Your sales ability
  3. Your product and/or service

How do you build up confidence?

  1. Challenge yourself to do things that you shy away from doing
  2. Do the things that others don’t want to do and do it to the best of your abilities
  3. Study techniques that will help you do be better at what you do
  4. Learn about your products and services inside and out
  5. Learn about your competitors products and services
  6. Learn about your target audience and what the burning needs
  7. Provide your target audience what they truly need
  8. Don’t be afraid of hearing no…be persistent but not a pest
  9. Share your knowledge…as you share you will gain a reputation for being an expert in that area
  10. Hang out with other winners…don’t hold hands with losers

Don’t believe me if confidence matters…check out this awesome guy dancing…listen to the crowd’s reaction.


Marlene M. Bryan is a Distinguished Toastmaster, DTM. She is a certified speaker and leader by Toastmasters International. She is currently member of the Public Relations Team. She provides her services to over 3800 members throughout the district. Marlene is the owner of Small Biz Evolution, LLC. She is a Speaker, an Author and a Business Manger/Agent for Professional Speakers.