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The day after Hurricane Irma hit Orlando, FL, I spent time with my nieces and nephew. Little did I know that they were going to teach me how to operate in business.


Yes. These are valuable points they taught me:

To be innovative when thinking of my customer

Avoid the pitfalls in business

Have a Plan A, B and C!

Take time to rest – Balance Life

Great Teamwork and Leadership are important for a business to succeed.


Marlene M. Bryan is a Distinguished Toastmaster, DTM. She is a certified speaker and leader by Toastmasters International. Marlene is the owner of Small Biz Evolution, LLC. She is a Keynote Speaker, an Author and a Business Consultant.


Are you feeling overwhelmed as though there is not enough time to get it all done? Stop to see what you may be doing or not doing to leave you feeling this way. The times that I have felt overwhelmed were ones when I may be trying to do everything myself.

The “If you want it done right, do it yourself” mantra may leave you trying to do too many things at once. Or it may put you in an area that you are not your strongest . Throughout my years as a manger or project leader,  I learned that one must learn to delegate some of the workload to others, especially in the areas where you are the weakest. You cannot be the expert in everything.

Find someone who is strong in that field that you have little knowledge or passion for it. Share detailed information of what is required to accomplish the task with him or her. Give timelines of when you need it. Agree upon when you will share key milestones until the project is completed. This will free you up to do what you do best. John Maxwell, the international author and speaker, often states that we do our best when we stay in the area where we are the strongest.

Let go of feeling overwhelmed. Release some of the control to others. The team approach can relieve some of the burden you carry. This is a great way to become more invincible. Learn to delegate.

Now go out an have an Invincible Monday! Live a Diamond Life. Live a Life of Purpose!

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