Radical Leadership Is

  • Innovative
  • Being a Visionary
  • Inclusive
  • Resilient


Call to Lead – BE RADICAL

Your purpose – Your Mission 


Maybe you are a born leader. You came out the womb directing others. Or maybe you were pushed into leadership. One day someone came along and said “You’re It.” Next thing you know you are leading a new set of family members or misfits. Whichever way you got there; the call to lead is a privilege.


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Take command of your leadership position by learning how to:

⏩ Recognize your purpose as a   leader – Your Why

⏩ Shed the doubts -don’t let self-doubts impede your progress

⏩ Share your vision to get the buy-ins – Influence and Motive Them

⏩ Show them how to get there – Lead by Example

⏩ Strive to the top together – Sharing the Glory

⏩ Seeing Leadership as a Privilege from the Servant –  Leader perspective

Want Influence – Network


Networking – Harness the Power of Listening!

Many people are petrified about networking. Why? Because some are shy; some don’t like small talk; or some want to avoid the obnoxious guy/gal who shoves his/her card in your hand and exclaims: “We should meet sometimes.” Whatever the reason. Networking doesn’t have to be painful.

Face-to-face networking is still “King/Queen” of meeting others and building relationships. Mastering the art of listening, learning and caring about what the other person is saying will help bridge a great connection. Great connections lead building the network of Diamond Cutters (mentors, coaches, cheerleaders). 

In this interactive keynote presentation you will learn to:

🕸 Strategically navigate the room to find your Diamond Cutters 

🕸 Be the Connector – a Position of Positive Influence that Increases your Profile

🕸 Increase your Self-Confidence to be seen as a Strong Leader

🕸 Increase Opportunities to Win More Often


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“Discovering your team members strength and talents, and implementing a plan that allows them flourish, are great strategies to building a strong team.”


In this keynote presentation will help your audience discover how to:

  • Understanding their “Whys”
  • Share the vision and mission to get team members on-board
  • Identify the weak link in the team’s progress
  • Become a strong mentor to build a resilient team

Mining for Diamonds

Team Building – Mentorship

Is your team struggling to see the vision, much less to implement it? Are you their stumbling block? Do you know how to get the best out of team members? Do you know what drives them?

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“The most rewarding life is one of purpose. Invest time and resources to learn your purpose and Live Your Diamond Life”


This inspirational keynote presentation will help you to:

💎 Identify Your Purpose…the Diamond within – The Cut

💎 Find the folks that will help you live your purpose – Your Diamond Cutters

💎 Understand that Flaws Don’t Define You – The Color

💎 Define your values – The Clarity

💎 How to be valuable to others – The Carat 

Your Diamond Life

Why ask Why? Just Live Your Life of Purpose

Do you remember the day you ask: “Why am I here?”  “Why was I born?” “Why don’t I know my purpose?” And the best of all: “Why me?”  It’s okay to ask the question why? Yet some people get hung up on the “why” and never move forward or take action to put what they have learned into action.

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