Treasures Thursday – Two Hearts

The day I knew you were formed in me
I knew I had gained another heart
A Heart that beats along with yours
A heart that skips a beat
Each time we part

This heart cries when you cry
Rejoices when you are happy
Breaks when you ache
Prays for you for heaven’s sake

It was rendered weak
When you carried your first cross
Of life’s unexpected blow
Unfair love loss

This mother’s heart
May dream for you,
Cheer for you,
Even May die for you

But it cannot Live for you, my son
Not even for a day
That’s the only way
These two hearts can stay

Marlene M. Bryan

 Live a Diamond Life! Live a Life of Purpose!


“The museum or hiking, which do you want to do today?” “ I don’t know. You pick.” “Hiking.” This was the conversation between my son and me this morning. I am visiting with him in California. He wants to ensure I’m having a great experience on my visit, so he has plan different activities for me. He doesn’t realize that I am quite happy just staying at his place. Nevertheless, I agreed to go hiking with him.

He drove us to Runyon Canyon. As he parked the car, I saw people coming down the trail sweaty and some were huffing and puffing. It was approximately 11:15 a.m. and the sun was blazing hot. Didn’t my son know his Jamaican mother was allergic to the sun! Not do damping the mood, I decided to make the best of our hike. I figured I have been running on the beach, running on the treadmill, swimming in the pool and riding my bike. How hard can this hike be? Was I in for it!

As we walked up the “hill” to me it  seemed like a huge mountain. All my running, swimming and biking in South Florida was nothing compare to going up that hill in the hot sun! We passed other people coming and gong up the hill. Some with partners and some with dogs. One of the dogs looked just like how I felt…his tongue was hanging out and he was breathing heavily. I said: “I know how you feel!” As I passed him. Pausing a few times up, my son kept asking me if I wanted to turn back. I kept saying let’s see what’s around the corner. As we rounded one corner and I looked up I saw people walking on  a level way above us. I asked him how they got up there. He said: “The trail leads that way.” At this I uttered: “Heck no! I’m not going up there. Are you crazy!”

I could tell he was concerned for me when he said we will turn back when we go to the garbage can at the end of the bend. But I didn’t want to disappoint him. Plus, I didn’t want him to think I’m a quitter. I sucked in my breath and said let’s keep going up. My son kept on encouraging me telling me that we are almost at the leveling part. I would stop to take a few pictures and then continued on. Really what I was doing was catching my breath and taking a rest.

When we got to the top I was delighted to see the beautiful view. We could see the famous Hollywood sign on one side and downtown Hollywood on the other. My son asked me: “Aren’t you glad you kept going? Don’t you have a feeling of accomplishment?” I had to agree with him. But l added that I thought he was trying to kill me at my young age!


This is a great lesson about our journey in life.  if you want to see the best views, or reach your goals in life, you may have to climb some hills. It won’t always be easy; you may run out of steam. The pressure may seem unbearable. Don’t you quit! Keep climbing. Having someone in your corner to cheer you on, makes that climb easier. When you reach the top you have another person to celebrate your victory with you!


My friends Take A Hike towards your dreams. Live your Diamond Life. Live your Life of Purpose!


“Dreams without goals are just dreams…and they ultimately fuel disappointments.” ~ Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington said this quote to a group of young aspiring actors. This statement is appropriate for anyone at any age. It is great to have a dream, but if you don’t create a plan that includes goals to achieve this dream…it won’t come into being.

Yet creating the plan is only the beginning. Implementing the plan is the next step. If you don’t put your plan into effect, what good is it to you. Finally finish that plan strong. Many times we start something only to leave it incomplete due to obstacles, lack of passion or lack of assistance. You shouldn’t let these prevent you from fulfilling your dream. Doing so will, as Denzel puts it: “fuel disappointments.”

You have dreams. Believe that you will attain them. Create a plan filled with attainable goals. Implement the right sweat equity actions. Then finish Strong! Living your Diamond Dream Life, your Life of Purpose.


“We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.” ~ Jesse Owens

Self-discipline can be one of the hardest habits to form. Yet it is one of the keys to successful achieving one’s dreams. The word “discipline” derives from the Latin word “disciplina” meaning to teaching, learning. But “discipline” is more closely associated with punishment. Perhaps this association has made it hard for us to implement self-discipline in our lives. For to do so, may be viewed as punishing ourselves in our minds.

I’m working on changing my view of self-discipline from one of self-punishment to one of self-reward. In order to achieve my goals, as Jesse Owens’ quote points out, I need to practice self-discipline. It is far easier for me to put off writing an article, or to not make a phone call that opens doors to another speaking opportunity. But taking those easy route will get me no closer to achieving my dream of sharing my message with others.

Each time I am tempted to go the easy route by avoiding applying self-discipline in my life, I have to check myself. Why am I avoiding taking action that would help lead to my success? What pain am I avoiding? Is it real? What is the worse that could happen if I take action? What is the worse that would happen; if I don’t? A majority of the time, the answer is self-disciplining myself brings about positive outcomes.

My friends and associates, Check Yourself to ensure that you maintain your journey to success and being a great leader by applying self-discipline. It is  a major key to Living Your Diamond Life, Your Life of Purpose!

Get your copy of Live a Diamond Life, Live a Life of Purpose: Diamond Cutters, today. Find out how my mentors and coaches helped me to be a better person, and how to apply these principles to your life.

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I took this shot, yesterday. I call it “Awareness.” Sometimes we get so caught up in life that we forget to stop and admire the beauty around us. This image reminds me to “Wake Up” and pay attention to it all. Enjoy every single moment of life.

Here is Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” to help celebrate Fun Facet Friday and Living Your Diamond Life. Your Life of Purpose!

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