Make a Wish

The snow was swirling around the street as I tugged on the leash to keep Ramadan from pulling. She was a mixed breed that we rescued from the animal shelter. Her black coat was covered with the snow.  The temperature was in the low 30s but it felt colder because of the wind. Ramadan seemed happy to be in the snow. I wasn’t. My sister was inside the apartment nice and warm and our mother was at work. It was my turn to walk Ramadan…it was one of the worst snow storm in New York and there I was at 7 p.m. walking this dog that wouldn’t listen to me.

Suddenly, Ramadan gave a hard jerk on the leash and broke free. She saw a stray dog down the block and she ran towards it. I called out: “Ramadan, no. Come back.”  I chased after them, but the snow made it difficult for me to keep up with them. They ran around the block and I lost track of them. I got so mad and I shouted: “You stupid dog. I wish a car hits you!” I decided to go back to the apartment and ask my sister to help me find her. My sister got dressed and we went out to find Ramadan. We walked around the block that I last saw her. Off in the distance we saw something moving in the road. As we got closer, I told my sister that it was the dog that Ramadan chased. It was tugging at something lying in the road.

The closer we got, the harder my heart was beating in my chest. I was praying that the thing the other dog was tugging at was not Ramadan. But it was. To my horror, Ramadan was not moving; her body was motionless on the cold street with blood coming from her mouth and the leash still tied around her neck. The other dog was trying valiantly to awaken her. It was too late. It seemed my wish had come true. A car did hit Ramadan. Guilt and sorrow immediately flooded my being as I grab my sister’s hand and started running back to the apartment. I kept repeating: “It is my fault. It is my fault,” as the tears stung my half frozen cheeks.

We rushed into the apartment and I dialed my mother’s work number. When she answered, I blurted out what happened and ask her to forgive me. She calmed me on the phone to the point where I wasn’t gasping for air between my sobs. Once I calmed down, she told me: “You must be careful what you wish for. Wishes are powerful and they do come true.” Whether you are I believe in wishes, I know that night in the late 1970’s taught me to be very mindful of the words I utter out to the Universe, especially when making a wish. Now I channel my words, desires, wishes, etc. into positive visions with positive intentions towards Living a Diamond Life. Somehow this works for me. How about you?

Live a Diamond Life! Live a Life of Purpose!

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Sunrise over the Ocean

Yesterday, while channel surfing on the car radio, I stopped to listen to Paul Simon’s song “Slip Slidin’ Away.”  I never really paid attention to the words, the hundreds of times I have heard  the song. Then, I truly listened and felt the note of caution the words expressed. At least that’s how I connected with the song.  The thought of life’s dreams, goals or purposes slipping and slidin’ away from us, the closer we get to them, is a scary and a real one.

So many times we allow our dreams and aspirations to get away from us. We learn to settle in jobs, routines and self-doubts, instead of implementing: persistence, being consistent in the resistance of imagined trepidations.  The haunting lyrics of the song popped into my head at 5 a.m. as I woke and prepare for my morning exercise. I headed to the beach to see the beauty of the sunrise and the magnificence of the ocean waves. They reminded me of the possibility of achieving greatness, if we just decide to be consistent in our resistance of our fears and the persistence of our purpose. Stop slip slidin’ away and start believing and living your Diamond Life…your Life of Purpose!

Take a listen to the song:

Keep Living a Diamond Life! Live a Life of Purpose!

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