She waved to me across the room as she timidly entered. Her winning smile was in place as she approached me. I called her name excitedly “Phyllis” as we hugged. Phyllis is one of six hundred members of the Toastmasters in Division A, the division I oversee as the Division Governor.  Phyllis came to see me at the District 47 leadership meeting in order to give me money to pay for her registration for the upcoming District Fall Conference.

I was so happy to see her because I was impressed at her resolve to ensure that she attends the conference. You see, Phyllis does not drive; neither does she have Internet access at home. Whenever, there is event in the District, Phyllis finds and gives me the money for the event. Then I get online and get her registered. Phyllis determination to attend these events always impresses me.

I think about the people who have easy access to transportation and Internet service, yet make excuses why they cannot attend these events. Phyllis sees beyond her inconvenience and recognizes the value of learning new speaking techniques and leadership skills at these conferences. She is willing to invest in her growth despite her challenges. Phyllis’ steadfastness also reminds me that you get what you put into anything you do or relationship you are a part of. She is an inspiration to me to keep doing my best for every member of Division A.

One of the definitions of resolve is “firm determination to do something.” Phyllis shows that she is determine to succeed in any condition! Thank you Phyllis for teaching me to not let any obstacle keep me from reaching my destination or living my purpose!

Live a Diamond Life! Live a Life of Purpose!

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