My son is getting ready to complete his undergraduate studies in May 2013. As I was cleaning his room at home (not much cleaning since he lives away), I came across some of his trophies and awards he won for his acting, singing, etc. Remembering how I felt when I was about to graduate from my undergraduate program, I knew that he must be a bit nervous about what is to come in his life after his graduation. I took a picture of two of his trophies and sent it to him with a message of encouragement.  I wanted him to remember what he has already accomplished and that he has it in him to do even more.

Sometimes, as we go through life and face new challenges or enter an area outside our comfort zone, we become nervous and oftentimes start doubting our abilities to achieve the goal(s) before us. If you feel that way, stop and recall all that you have achieved and use it to propel you towards undertaking and accomplishing more. You did it before and you can do it again!

Live a Diamond Life! Live a Life of Purpose!

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