Charles P. Garcia
Charles P. Garcia

I love ending the 2012 business year on a high note. I had that experience while attending the CEO Forum hosted by the South Florida Minority Supplier Diversity Council ( and Tuesday, December 18, 2012. The purpose of the even was to encourage minority business owners in the growth of their business and share information that other successful minority CEOs have had in their businesses.

The keynote speaker was Charles P. Garcia. Mr. Garcia has a very impresses resume that spans starting, growing and eventually selling his company for a large profit; working for four presidents and now as a venture capitalist helping other minority and small business owners build their dreams. He was very energetic and dynamic in his storytelling of his various business experiences. He peppered his speech with humor as he related about growing his company; interviewing the different powerful folks for his book Leadership Lessons of the White House Fellows; and the life advices his grandfather and his mother gave him.

I especially liked the advice his mother gave him that is not what you have materially that makes you successful; it is how you make people feel and how you have impacted their lives. These are words we all can enact in our lives as we pursue our dreams and creating companies that will serve others. While I didn’t win the raffle of his books, I felt that I was a winner at this event. I intend to buy it to learn more from this author, orator and business savvy CEO. Thank you SFMSDC and for ending my business year on a positive note. Thank you Charles P. Garcia for sharing your experiences with us.



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Last week Wednesday, 12/12/12, I had the good fortunate of attending one of the best techie events in South Florida, ITPalooza. It was held at Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida. The organizers of this event should be proud of themselves. I was impressed with the advertising of the event, the easy registration process, and the signage that guided me to the parking and to the main event building. The folks working the registration desks were very efficient and friendly.

Best of all I really thought the different workshops and vendors across many different disciplines of the technology world, catered to various background and skills attendees have or know. I was able to have great discussion of upcoming software applications and chat with vendors about network technology, cloud computing and much more. I met lots of new folks in locally and nationally. I also ran into some old colleagues that I have not seen in years.

So what’s the big deal? South Florida is on a mission to become known as a mecca for technology companies. By hosting events like ITPalooza, it sends a message that tech companies will be able to establish business here in the area and will be able to find talents to fill positions. It serves to attract higher paying jobs to the area; thus increases ability to provide better services and schools to the community.

On a selfish note, I’m a techno geek and love the ability to meet other geeks like myself. It doesn’t hurt when you add good food that is free to the mix! I give this event high marks and will definitely keep a watch out for the next one.

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VIP Passes

I love meeting new people. If I am standing in the grocery line, I will say hello to the person in front and behind me. I will randomly start up a conversation with someone. Why do I do it? Simple. People have a wealth of information to offer; if you just ask. Now, I’m not talking about prying into the person’s business. I am talking about life events or perhaps I may be puzzled about something and toss the question out there to see what answers I will get back.

Last night I took my friends who are visiting from Canada to mid-town Miami. It was exciting to see the preparation going on for the big art festival, Art Basel Miami. This event always has a VIP only night. We decided to sit at one of the trendy restaurant, the bar was more convenient for us to sit at the time. While there, a fellow walked up to order a drink. I noticed he had a badge on for the Art Show. I asked him about it and he said he is setting up his exhibit. He is one of the artists. Before long I found out he was from Connecticut and we struck up a conversation about the exhibit. I told him I blogged and would love to write an article about him.

I asked if he had any passes to the VIP event since one of my friends will be returning to Canada soon. He said he would get us passes. He returned with two passes that give us access for four people to the VIP event! My friends were quite impressed and told me that they love the way I am always observant and not afraid to speak with anyone. I thought then about the Biblical precept: “Ask and you shall receive.”

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