I had the distinct honor of speaking to four hundred high school seniors at the Coral Gables High School. I had no idea a news reporter would be attending the event. She briefly interviewed me. I just got a phone call from a guy who is trying to get me to one of those speaker’s seminar…he told me that he saw an article about me in the Miami Herald. I didn’t know what he was talking about. I googled it and here is the article…by the way, it is not me in the picture. I find the more I give of myself, the more happier I am. Give it a try; if you haven’t yet. Live a Diamond LIfe…A Life of Purpose.

Miami Herald Article Coral Gables High

My grandfather is almost 98 years old and he still believes in the phrase: “Hang your hat where you can reach it.” I recall that he would say this to us when someone was about to make financial decisions, such as buying a house or any large purchase. His advice was that one should only take on financial obligations that one can handle.

I confess that I did not always follow his advice. When I was an undergraduate student, like so many freshmen in college, I gladly acquired credit cards and maxed them out to their limits. That was my introduction to being overly extended, financially.  I also learned the value of having a good credit rating. Being hounded by the collections agency was not fun at all. Most importantly, I understood the value of what my grandfather meant all those years.

The stress of having credit card debt at a young age was overwhelming at times. I hung my hat where I could not reach it. Most of my income I earned went to paying off those debts when I graduated from college. I had to live with my mother until I got most of them paid off. I promised myself that I would live by my grandfather’s advice going forward. Now whenever I have to make any decision, I ask myself if I can handle the responsibility without being overwhelmed.  I apply this to most aspects of my life.

I submit to you that you too can benefit from my grandfather’s advice. Take on only the things you can handle. This does not mean avoiding risks; it means you should be prudent when you do take them on. As I stated, my grandfather will be turning 98 in a couple of months and he is still giving great advice. I intend to pay closer attention to him and his words of wisdom.

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