Picture from Cooperative Intelligence

One of my mentors, Hugo Arce, said this to me many years ago: “Marlene, losers like to hold hands.” We were talking about relationships and he was counseling me on choosing wisely the folks I let into my life. He was so on target with this advice. I have made the mistake of letting the wrong people in my inner circle. I’m sure most of you have also. These are the people who at first blush seem to want to be your best friends or mates.

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In today’s Western Culture, the noise is so loud and the activities so many; they become distractions and fill our days with busy work that leaves us feeling unfulfilled. Sometimes we get so caught up in doing for others that we don’t take the time to do for ourselves. Whether it’s doing for the kids, the spouse, the pets, the job, the church, temple or whatever, we don’t take time for ourselves. We put ourselves at the back of the line and neglect ourselves.

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We can all acknowledge that life challenges can wear us down at times. We keep pushing ahead, yet it feels like we are not making any progress. We try new things and still no change in our circumstances. Then, here comes frustration, doubt and disappointment. We start to question our ability to do, to create, to realize our potential; and even doubt if we have any potential at all.

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