Diamonds are examined for clarity. The more they reflect and refract light, the more transparency they have.  This is also and indication of purity. My diamond-cutter mother always taught me to be clear about who I am and what I want in life. She taught her children to be honest and open in order for us to demonstrate our integrity.  This also affords her the ability to defend us in any situation in which our honesty is questioned.

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“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!” Marilyn Monroe sung this famous song in the movie “Gentlemen prefer blonds.” Once upon a time, my motto was: “Baby needs diamonds!” I enjoyed buying and receiving them as gifts. Over the years, diamonds have taken on a different meaning to me, my focus has shifted to how diamonds are formed and the value that people place on them.

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Diamonds are considered to be pure when they consist only of molecules. If other chemicals such as boron and nitrogen are present, this causes impurity in the diamonds and they change color from the pure crystal to blue, yellow or other colored diamonds. Even though they are considered impure, they are still very beautiful and valuable.

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